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Shaving Foam Details:


The most important feature of a good shaving foam is that it allows for a quick, time-saving yet efficient shave, which is perfect for a man constantly on the go. Just splash your face with water and with a couple of sprays of the bottle, you instantly have a light, airy lather which is incredibly easy to apply, remove with the razor, and rinse away with the next splash of water.


The Man Company Shaving Foam for men is an ultra-rich foam that makes for a luxurious lather upon application and protects your skin from cuts and burns. It is enhanced with Lemon and Tea Tree extracts that provide anti-septic and healing benefits. Aloe extracts leave your skin moisturised afterwards.



  • Product Info

    • Available in 200g spray cans
    • Sulphate and Paraben free
    • Contains Lemon, Tea Tree extracts and Aloe
    • Contains other natural ingredients
    • Formulated in India
    • Pleasant scent
  • Benefits of Shaving Foam | Lemon

    Smooth shave: Beard hair can be tough and wiry while the skin underneath is soft. The Essencia Shaving Foam?s rich lather moisturises these rough hair strands, leaving them softer and easier to shave.

    Prevents razor cuts & burns: The smooth shave experience that comes with the shaving foam ensures that your blade guides over your stubble easily and prevents razor cuts and burns.

    Refreshing and soothing shave: Lemon provides a refreshing effect while aloe vera soothes the skin.

    Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial: Tea tree extract present in the foam has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which helps reduce the redness, swelling and inflammation caused by razor cuts and burns.

  • Usage

    Apply every time you shave

  • Quick Tip

    Use a pre-shave oil before shaving in order to prepare your skin and stubble for the shave to further reduce the chances of razor cuts and burns.


    • Step 1 Splash water on your face
    • Step 2 Apply foam evenly and in a circular motion, on your beard
    • Step 3 Shave as usual. Rinse off after shaving