Soulfull Combo Pack of 6 - 180 Gms

Soulfull Combo Pack of 6 - 180 Gms


Ragi Bites is the ultimate guilt-free snack you?ve all been waiting for. With the powers of the Ragi super-grain and the yumminess of three fantastic flavours, Ragi Bites brings your kid the right balance of fun and health.

  • NO additional additives!

    No maida, No trans fat or cholesterol, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no funny business and naturally no gluten.

  • The Ragi Factor

    Made with more than 50% Ragi, this tasty, protein-acious and fibre-rich snack is the easiest way to have your kids snack healthy.

  • 3 Delicious Fills

    With 3 delicious flavours of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to choose from, Ragi Bites is the perfect combo of taste and health.