Ragi Idli Mix

Ragi Idli Mix

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FarmVeda Ragi Idli Mix makes soft and tasty idlis rich in calcium making it a perfect dish for children. Serve this with FarmVeda Chutney Podi or FarmVeda Groundnut Chutney Podi. The farmers who own FarmVeda ensure that the best quality food reaches your table.

  • How to use?

    Take one measure mix. Add 1.5 measures of water and 1- 2 teaspoons od oil. Stir it only gently to eliminate the lumps. Don't whisk the batter. Make it into a lump free batter. Keep aside till the idli plates are ready. Smear idli measures with vegetable oil. Pour batter to 3/4th of each measure. Steam in a cooker without weight for 12 minutes on medium flame until done. Let it cool a bit before removing idlis from the moulds.

  • Ingredients

    Ragi (finger millet), whole wheat grits, black gram, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, vegetable oil & salt.

  • Weight

    250 gms