Quinoa Khakra - Magic (200 gms)

Quinoa Khakra - Magic (200 gms)

SKU: QQKM - 7.1


A perfect snack for you to try and amaging to share. Its healthy and low in calorie.


Available in two flavours:


1. Magic

2. Achari


Note : 


Best before 6 months from the date of packing.

Consume within 7 days after opening.



    Quinoa flour, Whole wheat flour, Edible oil, salt & Black salt, Oregano, Red Chilli, Cheese Powder, Garlic

  • Chef Tip

    Enjoy Quinoa Khakra with tea, morning meals or main courses. Crush and add to a bowl of bhel or snack mixes to make it crunchy with a kick.