Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Sunscreen Lotion is crafted to be non-irritant and the perfect lotion for a baby?s sensitive skin. It prevents sunburn and is water-resistant. Now, explore the world without getting sunburn or damaging the skin of your precious one. The formulation of the sunscreen is not greasy and can be used anywhere on your baby?s body. Enriched with natural & minerals ingredients, free from Titanium oxide with SPF 30 and offers protection from harmful UVA+UVB rays.

  • Results of MS Plant Powered Sun Screen Lotion

    95% Bio-Based Ingredients

    Made out of the goodness of nature all the ingredients used are plant-derived making it super safe to use on your baby.

    Free from Titanium Oxide

    Unlike other sunscreens, our Mother Sparsh one does not consist of Titanium Oxide, parabens, dyes, phthalates & formaldehyde.

    With SPF 30+ for UVA/UVB Protection

    With SPF 30+, the sunscreen prevents sunburn and protects the delicate skin of your baby from harmful UVA/UVB rays. 

  • Key Ingredients

    Wheat Germ Oil 

    Being an excellent source of vitamin E & antioxidants, acts as a natural sunscreen preventing skin cells from damaging UV rays.

    Shea Butter 

    It offers protection from harmful sunrays, benefiting skin with the essential fatty acids & nutrients which aids collagen production.

    Aloe Vera oil 

    Having anti-inflammatory properties, it repairs sun damage leaving it soothed and super nourished.

  • Who can use this?

    Babies ageing 0 to 10 years

  • Directions for Use

    • Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure thoroughly on all parts of your baby?s body that are exposed to the sun. 

    • Protection last for 2 hours 

      Note : Don?t apply on wounds 

  • Complete List of Ingredients

    S.No. Ingredient  Function
    1 DM Water  
    2 ZINCLEAR IM 50 Helps in dispersion of zinc oxide
    3 Coconut Oil Natural SPF of 4-5 & antioxidants protects the skin from the Sun
    4 Olivem 1000 Improves the spread ability of cream
    5 Arlamol DH Thickener
    6 Glycery Mono Stearate SE Penetrate into the skin & forms a skin protective layer
    7 Zemea Preservatives & humectant
    8 Coco Butter Forms a protective layer & holds the skin moisture
    9 Olive Oil Moisturizes & hydrate the skin
    10 Cetyl Alcohol Skin softener and soothes & heal the dry skin
    11 Rice Bran Oil Helps in skin regeneration, encourages moisture retention & soothes irritation
    12 Shea Butter Natural skin softener
    13 Wheat Germ Oil Prevents the skin from the Sun damage
    14 Aloe Vera Oil Anti-inflammatory damage repair
    15 Calendula Oil Promotes skin firmness & hydration
    16 Perfume Fragrance
    17 Sensolin Naturally improves skin tissues
    18 Xanthum Gum Emulsifier & skin conditioning agent
    19 Potassium Sorbate Preservatives
    20 Sodium Benzoate Preservatives
    21 Vitamin E Acetate Protects the skin UV damage