Beard Combo(Beard oil + Beard)

Beard Combo(Beard oil + Beard)




Beard Oil Details

Beard oil is one of the most important products for any man who wants to flaunt a bearded look. In fact, they are good enough to promote beard growth further by supplying all the necessary nutrients.

A beard oil for men that has the properties and benefits of Almond and Thyme is best known to promote growth besides making it more manageable and amazing. Hence, apart from just being a grooming requirement, it is also one of the most important beard growth products.


Product Info

  • Available in 30 ml
  • Contains Almond and Thyme
  • Contains other natural ingredients
  • Formulated in India
  • Pleasant scent


Beard Wax


Beard Wax detailsStyle and nourish your beard, your way. Pamper it with the natural moisturizing benefits of Almond that is rich in Vitamin E and other beard-friendly nutrients that penetrate the hair to soften, strengthen and nourish it. Thyme lends a woody scent as well as phytonutrients vital for beard growth.


The Almond & Thyme Beard Wax works double duty to condition your mane while styling it at the same time.