Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil With 18 Oils For Stronger Healthy Bones And Muscles

Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil With 18 Oils For Stronger Healthy Bones And Muscles

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Massaging is a great way to form a bond with your baby which means no more fuss about crying baby anymore. A good massage, makes your little one feel happy and comfortable. It strengthens bones & muscles, improves skin elasticity, helps in digestion and easing teething pain. Mother Sparsh Baby Massage Oil is an Ayurvedic blend of 18 powerful essential oils like Almond, Coconut, Sesame, Avocado oil, Jojoba, etc. The properties of the oils give your baby healthy bones and nourished skin. It?s also free from harmful chemicals, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances.

  • Results of MS Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil

    Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation

    The Ayurvedic formulation contains a blend of 18 natural oils & herbs which helps the baby in gaining mobility at a faster rate.

    Provides Strength to Bones & Muscles

    The oil is made with a combination of essential oils for providing strength to bones & muscles to your newborn.

    Soothes and Moisturizes

    The presence of essential oils moisturizes and soothes while easily getting absorbed into the baby's skin. 

  • Key Ingredients

    Almond Oil

    Nourishes and protects the skin, keeping it hydrated throughout the whole day.

    Coconut Oil

    Helps increase bone flexibility and strengthens muscles and tissues. 

    Avocado Oil

    Nourishes skin cells with vitamins and minerals, making it healthy and hydrated.

    Sesame Oil

    Enriched with Zinc, it helps improve skin elasticity & protects from sunburn and harmful UV rays.

  • Who can use this?


    Babies ageing 0+

  • Directions for Use

    • Take sufficient amount of oil into your palm and bring it to body temperature. Then massage gently onto baby skin.

    • Apply 2-3 times a day.

  • Complete List of Ingredients

    S.No. Ingredient  Function
    1 Shankhpushapi (Whole plant Oil Ext.) Increase the moisture content in the skin
    2 Ashwagandha (Whole Plant Oil Ext.) Anti-oxidant properties, protect from the skin damage
    3 Durva (Root Oil Ext.) Cure the skin infection
    4 Tagar (Root Oil Ext.) Improves the skin texture
    5 Tamalpatra (Leaf oil ext.) Provides lustrous complexion
    6 Coconut (Endosperm oil) Keep the skin moisturized
    7 Almond (Seed oil) Treats dry skin & improves skin texture
    8 Walnut (Seed oil) Antioxidants & minimizes the skin fungal infection
    9 Jojoba (Seed oil) Improves skin & lessen the damage
    10 Olive (Seed oil) Moisture & hydrate the skin
    11 Lavender (Flower oil) Provides lustrous complexion
    12 Avocado (Fruit oil) Improves skin & enhances wound healing
    13 Orange (Leaf oil) Nourishes dry & irritated skin
    14 Wheat germ (Seed oil) Promotes healthy skin
    15 Rosehip (Seed oil) Reduce inflammation & keep the skin hydrate
    16 Lajjalu (Root oil ext.) Strengthen bones & muscles
    17 Sunflower (Seed oil) Emollient agents
    18 Sesame (Seed oil) Anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial